A team ready to take on your challenges

If you push through the door of our office housed along the Meuse River, you will meet a team of passionate specialists ready to take on your challenges.

Inspired creative types, a sales rep who understands and even geeks who speak like us...In short, an engaging little world which addresses your service(s).

So when are you going to visit us and share a "P’tite djate di café Ô" or a "p’tit peket ?"

Who is In Fine ?
In Fine office

Quels que soient vos besoins et vos exigences, on en discute, on échange, on crayonne, on brainstorme, on partage, ...

In Fine open space
In Fine - working spirit

In the end, we'll look together for the most pragmatic and creative solution(s) to meet your objectives.
In short, communication "à la Liègeoise!"

Come have a coffee with us!

Created by true creative types in 2001, our communication agency is now an explosive duo surrounded by a superb team.

In Fine team
In Fine meeting room
So, let’s


Come have a coffee with us along the Meuse. We'll discuss your projects.