Over 100 years old
and not a single wrinkle!

Bananas with the little blue label have always brought a smile to our faces. The undisputed star of the fresh fruit market, Chiquita continues to shine with its eternal youth.

Chiquita et les Minions

Its secret? To keep reinventing itself with every passing season. What could be more natural for attracting attention to stalls and displays?

Bananas are part of our culture

At In Fine, we love fresh ideas, delivered in bunches and peeled back to reveal succulent goodness: served in slices, flambéed or mixed together, all of our ideas – without exception – should be eaten with gusto.

Chiquita - De l’exotisme pour
activer distributeurs et primeurs

A little touch of the exotic to excite
wholesalers and retailer

The golden rule at In Fine? Never slip on a banana skin, whatever the reason!
We'll do a banana split to provide high-quality creative and then apply it to the various promotional media used everywhere in Belgium and Europe.

Miss Chiquita: always a hit!

A gem of an idea emerged in a simple sketch after one of our brainstorming sessions: strengthen brand awareness by sending all retailers a lifesize Miss Chiquita in a traditional Chiquita banana box.

Once Miss Chiquita was unfolded, customers were invited to throw rings to hook round her arms to try and win great prizes. This campaign was developed specially for Belgium, but was soon picked up and rolled out in Europe.

Chiquita - Brainstorming
Miss Chiquita
Chiquita - Scratch & Win
Chiquita - Action Breakfast
Chiquita - Action Breakfast

A big smile from breakfast onwards

There's nothing a beat a banana for getting your day off to a great start: low in calories rich in vitamins and antioxidant minerals, a banana fills you with energy as soon as you jump out of bed. That was the message to get across at the point of sale. In Fine went about its task with pleasure - and a huge smile.

Chiquita - Le smile dès le petit-déjeuner
Chiquita - Action Back to School

Miss, please Miss!

The back-to-school period is always a vital time for advertisers. And just like children, you don't want to fail!

This time around, Chiquita ran a savings campaign aimed at collecting the little blue Chiquita labels and trading them in for a super set to go back to school with. The campaign featured a topcard, ceiling hanger and wobbler - to the huge delight of children and their parents.

Chiquita and the Minions

What could be better than having a licence for "Despicable Me 3" to develop a promotional in-store campaign?

It's true to say that the Minions are just the celebrities you need to start throwing banana skins when you need them - and they certainly did the job for Chiquita when to came to showcasing the colours of the brand far and wide.

Chiquita et les Minions - Abribus
Chiquita et les Minions - Action épargne
Chiquita et les Minions - Action en magasin
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