The n°1 expert
in Belgian butter!

Corman has been supplying artisan bakers with the very best in butter and its derivatives since 1935.

As the world leader in its field (115,000 tons per year in 80 countries), this Belgian company promises a perfect balance between pleasure, performance and quality.

Corman - Packaging beurre liquide

Because it always places its customers at the centre of its thought process, Corman calls on In Fine when it comes to developing its communication material for artisan bakers.

When experts meet…

In fine had the pleasure to develop already multiple creations for Corman, targeted campaigns, packshot designs, leaflets…

Logo Corman

Allround campaign

The process from brainstorming to lay-out was a real fun co-creation between client and designers.Simplicity, clarity, efficiency. The principles behind Kryneo cures and their explanations are found in the presentation of each range. The new branding is straight to the point, in a style that is both modern and looks great.

Corman - Butter
Corman - Butter - Esquises

Butter, Beurre, Botter

Une nouvelle campagne qui s’adresse à leur nouvelle cible, les Pâtissiers Chocolatiers.

The best concept was kept and In Fine realized it thanks to a shooting in co-creation with the Pastry-Chef of Corman, a foodstylist and the Corman team.

Quality and subtlety were a necessity. It was a pleasure working with such delicious letters!

The right recipe for sparkling year-end parties

To really spoil its bakers, Corman launched a festive season B2B campaign that was hard to turn down: when customer bought six pastries, they received 1 scratch card.

Talk about boosting sales! Quite apart from inspiring our imagination In Fine: to meet demand we designed, developed and produced just the right kind of tasty flipcharts, posters and flyers.

Corman - Concours Pommery
Corman - Millefeuilles d’idées innovantess
Corman - Packshot beurre liquide
Corman - Les Clés du Succès

The Keys to Success

Corman, In fine and their clients have many qualities in common, including excellence and expertise! Sometimes all it needs is a little helping hand to make something seemingly ordinary become a runaway success. So twice a year Corman shares its secrets and recipes. And In Fine turns them into sheets, toolboxes and presentation cases that make life simple and encourage creativity.

Corman - Les Clés du Succès - Livre de recettes
Corman - Clés USB
Corman - Livre de recettes
Corman - Brochure Pure Irish Butter
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