Two new Decathlons in Liège

It’s typical of an agency to be able to slip into the shoes of its customers. That is what we at In Fine gladly do for advertisers across the country.

Decathlon asked us to highlight our Liège origins to announce, loud and clear, the opening of two new stores in the heart of this lively city... Well, Decathlon’s true colours have shone through!

Decathlon - Trop froid mes mains

After an extremely athletic brainstorming session, conducted at a frantic pace at the agency in the presence of the customer, three obvious facts struck us like a high-vis tracksuit in the middle of a ballroom dance class...

No more excuses!

  • We are very good at kidding ourselves when it comes to putting our money where our mouth is.
  • With two new Decathlons in Liège, there is no longer any excuse for not exercising.
  • You have to give the message a local touch to get it across.

What's your excuse for skipping exercise?

We are are extremely enthusiastic about taking on this exciting mission, but above all, it ties us to an excruciating deadline. Let there be sport!

Logo Decathlon

Two new Decathlon stores,
one new concept

Decathlon Alleur to the north, Decathlon Belle-Ile to the south and a new City concept store that showcases urban sports in the centre, in the Saint-Michel development.

Campagne Decathlon - Rétroviseurs
Decathlon - Walking Board LED
Decathlon - Walking Board LED
Decathlon - Bus
Decathlon - Map

It's hard to still find excuses to dodge an invitation to go work up a sweat: there's bound to be a Decathlon within walking (or running) distance.

We highlighted this by using bogus pretexts delivered in a Liégeois accent, playing both the card of insincerity and self-mockery of the brave locals. All of these humorous messages have been displayed in and around the city.

A print and digital campaign that works!

No more excuses for not exercising... and no possible excuse for missing the message: it has been used in all media, in all situations, in and around Liège. This covers everything from print, digital and guerrilla marketing to events.

À tantôt!
Decathlon - Campagnes WAZE
Decathlon - Matériel print
Decathlon - Site web

Liège has never been so sporty!

Decathlon - Inauguration et photobooth
Decathlon - Inauguration et photobooth
Decathlon - Inauguration et photobooth
Decathlon - Inauguration Belle-Île
Decathlon - Inauguration et photobooth
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