Belgium's most preferred
sauce !

A taaaable ! Ca vous dit quelque chose? Si oui, vous faites partie des 97% de Belges qui connaissent Devos Lemmens !

For 10 years, In Fine has contributed to building the graphical and digital history of this product which comes from us.

Packaging des sauces D&L : mayonnaise, andalouse & cocktail Packaging des sauces D&L : mayonnaise, andalouse & cocktail

To modernize the brand without losing consumers! That was such the challenge launched at In Fine: Relift the entire range of Devos and Lemmens sauces. An accepted challenge!

One doesn't change a winning team…

Continental foods trusts us for as long as mayonnaise exists…or almost!


Creation of the brand's website

Sur le site de D&L, vous découvrirez de nombreuses recettes et conseils pour le barbecue ainsi que des informations sur les produits. Nous vous conseillons le détour par la page "histoire", In Fine vous réserve quelques surprises !

EURO 2016 special edition pack

Nous ne manquons jamais une occasion de soutenir nos diables !

Packaging for euro foot 2016
Advertentie into a magazine with discount
Plus qu'on a de sauces, plus qu'on rit ! is responsive

Hot sauce packaging

In Liege, we know sauces, so hot sauces…For us, it's really child's play…

Packaging des sauces chaudes D&L (Bearnaise, Curry et Peper-poivre)

Que la fête commence !

Une marque comme D&L a toujours quelque chose à annoncer. Notre équipe est dans les starting-blocks pour répondre à tout moment aux besoins de communication.

Action DL 4 you and creation of recipes
Cups Sauces D&L
Contest on the plateform

MyPromo Weber

Is there anything better than having a barbecue? Win one! In Fine is organising online and/or offline contests for you!

We take care of everything. From the dedicated site to point of sale advertising material or even the complete management of action(s). Because we know that you have better things to do (maybe a BBQ?).

Coupons de réduction D&L
Barbecue en famille avec D&L

5 years of co-creative services

To satisfy Belgians' appetites and all fanatics of barbecues, we constantly exchange new ideas with our client!

So, let’s


Come have a coffee with us along the Meuse. We'll discuss your projects.