A weekend of rum
for In Fine!

In Fine holds to its tradition of pulling out all the stops to fulfil the missions entrusted to us...

So, just imagine: when a client sought us out to create the visual identity of their new rum christened EL MATCHO, the brainstorming was on as soon as the cork was popped... And the ideas flowed without moderation!

Bouteille El Matcho

Half macho, half matcha, 100% liégeois! EL MATCHO is a Belgian rum, conceived in one of Jamaica's oldest distilleries, aged here at home in French, then American oak casks and flavoured with Japanese matcha tea. It just goes to show, all roads lead to rum!

King of Jamaican Matcha Rhum

This exotic elixir, a fusion of aromas from all over the world, called for a visual identity that was both quirky, meshing seamlessly with its heavily connotated moniker, and reminiscent of a hint of Belgian humour.

No need to go very far in our quest for inspiration: our team got to sample this delicious rum before everyone else in the guise of a briefing. Total dedication guaranteed!

Ma(t)cha's response to the ma(t)cho!

After having identified the product's target group and its most compelling features with the client, In Fine explored the various visual universes conjured up by rum, Jamaica and... the macho attitude, "machitude". Moustaches, tattoos, muscles and "sassy chassis"...you name it, we thought of it. Our goal? Endow this bottle with an image as powerful as its contents!

El Matcho - Déclinaisons

Visual identity

What better way to represent the matcha's comeback to the macho than with a pin-up? Like this rum, she turns heads while keeping hers firmly planted on her shoulders. With a hint of green reminiscent of Jamaica and a dab of surrealism to remind us that it really did originate here at home. There are even whispers that Jamaicans go "Oufti" when savouring El Matcho rum!

El Matcho - King of Jamaican Matcha Rhum
El Matcho - Avant projets
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