Frozen Meat fresh
from the farm!

More than a brand, Frozen Farm is a whole world in itself, made up of work and that contagious passion to create a beautifully delicious co-creation.

Brainstorming, outlines, analysis and constructive discussion about a strong visual identity.

Packaging Frozen Farm

Packaging, housestyle, tone of voice, story telling, website, brochures, truck livery: In Fine came up with every medium imaginable to join up the dots for this unusually original brand.

Logo & Branding

Not only is Frozen Farm synonymous with excellent quality, but it's also all about innovation. And In Fine is by its side all the way to incorporate new products, develop new ideas and broaden the fields it communicates in.

Logo Frozen Farm


Inviting visitors to enter the Frozen Farm world is also about guiding and inspiring them through recipes or cooking tips - and telling them the story of this Belgian producer… as well as providing beautifully crafted design. It's an approach that is both visually creative and user-friendly.

Déclinaison des gammes

Déclinaison des gammes
Site web

Promotional material

Matériel promotionnel
Annonce publicaitaire Frozen Farm
Déclinaison de supports publicitaires
Optimisation responsive

Mobile optimisation

The next challenge?
To make the website simpler and better suited to a mobile version.

Frozen Farm
Freshly frozen from the farm
Frozen Farm
Frozen Farm - Hachis ou Portions de viande
Habillage camion Frozen Farm

Proud to be Belgian

Frozen Farm products blend the superior quality of fresh meat with the exclusive benefits of frozen food. And In Fine just loves imagining and creating the images for these products that are Made in Belgium.

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