Brutalement bon !

new Grany, BRUT

LU a confié à In Fine le lancement
de son nouveau Grany, BRUT !

Creativity, movement and visual impact guaranteed!

A sensational result.

Grany, unmercifully good! Grany, unmercifully good!

The concept of the campaign is based on direct interaction with its media! "BRUT" effect guaranteed.

Un effet BRUT garanti !

Discover the striking effect on the all new
Decaux support: Digital abribusl!

abribus digital : Grany, Brutalement BON!

Ici, Grany BRUT s'attaque à la vitre de l'abribus. Elle se brise grâce à un effet trompe-l'oeil conçu par nos experts en vidéo. In Fine exploite à merveille l'abribus digital, une innovation Decaux.

Déchirez-moi !

The BRUT version tackles the advertisement paper and incites the consumer to rip the page in order to obtain a discount voucher.

Granny add for a magazine
Poster Granny Trompe-l'oeil

Classic Abribus

The trompe-oeil effect plays on passers-by who think they are facing a broken window.

A beautiful challenge with noted success

Bringing together creativity and technology, playing with consumers and surprising them, that’s in our DNA!

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