New soft implant

More than just mushrooms!

A happy customer is a returning customer. A motto that In Fine could almost engrave on its façade!

This was the case of KiOmed Pharma, a pharmaceutical company specialising in innovative osteoarthritis, skin ageing and eye disease treatments.

KiOmed Pharma - Pack KioMedinevsone

The brief resulted in easy-to-read packaging, and featured a visual explanation of KiOmedine®’s dual protective and lubricating properties.

Logo & packaging

First step: creating a logo and packaging for KiOmedine®, with the aim of supplying this specialists-only product with a fresh, impactful and dynamic image.

From the graphic charter to the website

Donner vie à leur nouveau produit Kiomedine, un traitement anti-arthrite révolutionnaire tout juste sorti de leurs labos, à base de... champignons. Ils souhaitaient aussi qu’In Fine les accompagne dans leur réflexion et leur stratégie marketing. La recherche c’est une chose. Commercialiser le fruit de celle-ci en est une autre.

Second challenge: using KiOmedine’s ® graphic charter to create a website .

KiOmed Pharma - Unique soft implant

Based on these two creations, In Fine also created a crystal-clear brochure on what the treatment entails, so that scientists and providers realise how useful it is. This was by means of obvious words and images, including the stylised M to illustrate the product’s dual action.

Creation of media

Having applied the graphic charter to all media intended for professionals, In Fine is working on its third phase: producing patient-friendly material. Or how to explain that a mushroom can save a knee!

KiOmed Pharma - Innovative and patented technology
KiOmed Pharma - Déclinaison supports
KiOmed Pharma - Cartes de visite
KiOmed Pharma - Papier à lettre
KiOmed Pharma - Website
KiOmed Pharma - KiOmedine - Outstanding response rate
KiOmed Pharma - KiOmedine - Unique soft implant
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