Haircare innovation

A creative project from the root to the ends

When a client specialising in hair care comes to In Fine with a global communication request ranging from the search for a new name to packaging, including the production of print and digital content, there’s no need to split hairs: it's just a question of quickly setting up a creative project that will take the client’s breath away!

Analysis of the needs of the target market, decryption of research done on the web on the subject, brainstorming, name research...don’t wait until your hair turns grey, you have to take action now!

Kryneo - Pack Kryneo

First observation: the target market is disappointed with what currently exists on the market and is looking for new and convincing solutions! An innovative product that must convey both the efficiency and originality of the treatment as well as the presentation of the products. New name, new look, new approach: it's decided, we’re having a makeover!

From naming to packaging

A name which quickly stood out from the list of suggestions: Kryneo! With a K for keratin, the key structural material of hair, the root "Kryn" which is similar to the French word ‘crinière’ which describes luscious silky hair, and the suffix "Neo" which evokes the desired novelty and innovation.

Déclinaison icônes

A different approach

The curative range is available in Men and Women products. We are not all equal when it comes to having beautiful hair. Our difference in hair types requires adapted formulas, which is what makes Kryneo unique to the market. The design will therefore take this duality into account in a significant way.

From packaging to the online shop

What is well conceived is clearly stated. In Fine has translated the packaging style and Kryneo's approach into a website that is as neat as it is easy to understand.

Birth of a brand

Simplicity, clarity, efficiency. The principles behind Kryneo cures and their explanations are found in the presentation of each range. The new branding is straight to the point, in a style that is both modern and looks great.

Kryneo - Loco concept
Kryneo - Flacons

Premium packaging

There is no secret ingredient, magic formula or snake oil in Kryneo products: only common sense and scientific awareness. The packaging also gets straight to the point in a simple and elegant way.

To a hair

Beyond the apparent simplicity of the product, it also has rigour and precision: the right choice of ingredients and in the correct proportion. This balance is also found in Kryneo’s branding.

Kryneo - Icones
Kryneo - Déclinaison des supports
Kryneo - Shooting packaging women
Kryneo - Shooting packaging men

Family photo

To highlight Kryneo's new assets, In Fine organised a photoshoot which was also done to highlight the simplicity and elegance of the brand.

Kryneo - Shooting
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