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Becoming part of a brand’s intimate circle is a mark of honour but above all a sign of trust.

For brands and advertiser, equals listening to each other and taking each other's wishes into account. But also: making full use of the shared freedom.

Lactacyd - Positive Mood Naturally

In Fine got under the skin of every single generation in order to better understand their well-being and needs.


Inspired by the product’s benefits, the agency has developed a communication approach that is both fresh and balanced as well as brimming with personality.

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The keys to success

Lactacyd - Affiche Oxygen Fresh
Lactacyd - Display Oxygen Fresh

LACTACYD Oxygen Fresh

Yes, radiating freshness is now possible thanks to Oxygen Fresh. A visual in its purest providing long-term comfort.

LACTACYD Intimate Shave

Lactacyd - Wobler Intimate shave
Icone Lactacyd
Lactacyd - Toolbox digitale

Who doesn’t need (and enjoy) a little gentleness? In Fine conveys the message impeccably across a range of different media, networks and in points of sale.

Lactacyd - Folder customer
Lactacyd - Toolbox digitale

LACTACYD Precious Oil

Pure balance for even greater delicacy. In Fine ensures this promise features in both paper and digital form.

Lactacyd - Crayonnés
Lactacyd - Affiche Precious Oil
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