Architect & Creator

de projets d’audaces, épurés, d’inspirations, d’émotions...

Meeting the needs of an award-winning architectural practice such as Luc Spits. Inspiring its trust.

Understanding its vision and translating it with finesse and emotion across a whole range of communication media. A task that blends discipline, delicacy and passion.

Luc Spits - Logo

Seeing and understanding everything there is. Allowing its creativity to explode and reshape the infinite.

A world in constant inspiration

The way Luc Spits and its team work is constantly expanding, becoming more audacious and sensational as it goes. Our job was to showcase that energy and perfection.

Site internet

A website reflecting a single image

Demonstrating clarity and simplicity, openness and subtlety, the Luc Spits website opens the door to the possible, creating the perfect platform for every dreamer wanting to make those elusive REM moments come true.

Luc Spits - Bureau d’architecte
Luc Spits - Cartes de visite

Placing the brand
in perspective

Creating and developing the house style and logo for such a well-known hub of architectural excellence was an immense challenge. Our task was to transpose both an eye for detail and the minimalistic synthesis that is the trademark of Luc Spits.

Luc Spits - Projet villa
Luc Spits - Brochure
Luc Spits - Architecte et créateur de projets
Luc Spits - Maquette

Corporate brochure

Luc Spits - Projet Eco-construction - Architecture d’intérieur
Luc Spits - Projet Eco-construction
Luc Spits - Logo Eco-construction
Luc Spits - Dépliant Corpo
Luc Spits - Projet d’Envergure
Luc Spits - Architecte et Créateur de projet d&rsquoinspiration
Luc Spits - Architecte et Créateur de projet épuré
Luc Spits - Une signature, une marque
So, let’s


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