Lucie’s Granola

For true cereal-lovers

It's crazy when you think about it: how can such tiny little grains of goodness create so much pleasure? Packed with vitamins, antioxidants, rich in fibre and minerals, they literally explode in your mouth to release all that flavour and goodness.

And the main thing going for Lucie's Granola is that it comes from a small local artisan production business that selects and transforms the best that Mother Nature has to offer with passion.

packaging vintense bottles

But what Lucie's needed to do was to focus a little more sunshine on itself. Which is why it went looking for an agency that could add the snap, crackle and pop to its offering while creating a surprise every day for its customers. Which is how In Fine became so immersed in the finest grains.

Packaging, Logo & branding

The first job entrusted to our designers was to develop packaging that would showcase the authenticity, sincerity and natural goodness of Lucie's Granola to the maximum.

homemade in belgium

Corporate website

Our developers then applied themselves to translating Lucie's love for its products by creating a website that would appeal just as much to nature-lovers as it would to fans of great taste and self-awakening.

The range

We also created a special identity for the new range that fits perfectly with the new graphic identity.

Déclinaison des gammes Lucie's
Lucie's est idéal pour le petit déjeuner
Lucie's se déguste aussi avec du miel
Sac de course Lucie's
Presentation folder

Presentation folder

And while Lucie's likes nothing better than to plunge its hands into sacks of fragrant grain, our tactile specialists went to work to find just the right types of paper and printing processes to use to enhance the Lucie's experience.

What better way for an agency to take its client by the hand?

Recipe Book

Recipe Book
Lucie's est idéal pour le petit déjeuner
Lucie's carte de visite
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