Design me some fun packaging!

Why did Materne choose In Fine for repositioning its Fruit Pocket range? Maybe because we’ve never lost sight of our more playful side.

Materne beachflag

And so, in reconceiving the packaging of these delectable little fruit delicacies that you can take anywhere, we went back to the playground and back to our earliest memories of frolicking childhood fun. Best of all, Materne loved it!

Serious work without taking things too seriously

It all began with an intensive brainstorm session, which quickly turned into sucking on lollypops before promptly ending up on the drawing board of an illustrator who is not just still in touch with his inner child but, if we’re honest, never really grew up in the first place. Out of his crayon emerged 4 utterly hilarious characters who soon took the form of the fruitiest little pouches ever… They don’t just look childlike, that’s exactly what they are! And the concept became reality.

Materne so fruit packaging

A personality for every taste

4 packets, 4 characters, 4 clearly defined personalities. But also 4 responses to a brief that wasn’t as easy as it sounded. Because in addition to amusing children and speaking to their imaginations, our characters also needed to reflect the values of the brand: nature, fruit, health and Belgitude!

Materne sketch so fruit

A fun and educational concept

Take a good look at the Fruit Pockets’ packaging: behind its childlike exterior you will find a playful expression of all the benefits of these 100% natural products: no pesticides, no added sugar, Belgian apples

Packaging Materne so fruit

From packaging to promotion

Materne was so pleased with the universe created by our packaging concept that they were keen to use it everywhere! And so the fun continued at In Fine as we adapted our little characters to every possible medium from signage and POS to online… What a treat!

Materne illustration
Abribus Materne
Materne illustration
Shooting packaging materne
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