Contest Engagement

Water festival

Perrier, Vittel, Contrex... So many brands which hide behind Nestle Waters, who is a happy and devoted client. 

Label Nestle

Water for everyone!

Turn the wheel and discover the water which is suitable for you…It's the national action plan implemented by In Fine.

A controlled and managed campaign from A to Z and still a beautiful occasion to mark spirits.

Logo : Water for each person!

Result: A significant increase in volume of sales
and a HAPPY client!

Points of Sale Advertising Material

In Fine is responsible for the execution of all promotional supports:
of the display signage, passing through participation forms and others… folder, wobbler, shelfdivider
and everything you want with "er" at the end. 

contest poster
contest papier
Selling point add
Vittel, Nestlé, Perrier, Contrex

A client is not supposed to worry about anything!

From the concept to the final product, and without forgetting the implementation of action(s),
In Fine takes care of everything!

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