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PCB-contaminated waste treatment

At In Fine, we love to take on a challenge. Well, our loyal client, Suez PCB Decontamination, certainly spoiled us with its latest task!

What does the Suez Group specialise in? The decontamination of electrical appliances and waste containing PCBs (a toxic chemical compound that is currently prohibited), a complicated activity that demands clear communication. In Fine's response? We never back down!

Suez Apercu mobile web

To execute this delicate mission, In Fine had to roll up its sleeves 3 times:

  • Challenge 1: to properly understand the work of Suez PCB.
  • Challenge 2: to respect the Suez graphic charter but differentiate Suez PCB.
  • Challenge 3: to bring together industry, technology and ecology.

Print and digital versions

The photos taken at the client's site enabled us to design a graphic universe that can be used for print as well as on the site and its mobile versions. They can also be used to make people understand in a coherent way that waste treatment is above all a matter of organisation, precision, cleanliness... the result of us human beings.

Suez Logo
Site internet Suez PCB

A site that has everything it needs to please…

The site must explain a complex profession in just a few pages which are clearly structured and understandable by all, while highlighting the ecological and human aspect of an activity focused on toxic waste.Then transmit this simplified information onto smartphone and tablet. This is In Fine’s secret recipe!

Suez PCB - Roll-up corporate

Print that brings originality

Bringing enthusiasm and a nice touch of humanity to the waste treatment sector? Mission accomplished for the design of stands, roll-up banners and a colourful multilingual brochure!

Suez PCB - Brochure qui sommes nous

Respect for the Suez charter and the Suez PCB "touch"!

Suez PCB - Décontamisation
Suez PCB - Stand et roll-up
Suez PCB - Brochure
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