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In Fine is aiming for neurotransmitters in a bid to create a good mood…

Or how to broach a "sensitive" subject with a touch of humour.

Zaffranax - Positive Mood Naturally

Our aim was to find a strong, creative concept that was visually appealin too.

One brand, one identity, one concept

The concept of Russian dolls was promising from the start: the first, outer doll, with her broad smile, overcame the darkest of moods, depicted on the smaller doll’s faces.

The website and its various mobile versions

What could provide a brand with more impetus than displaying its most winning smile on the Web? Our ingredients? A familiar, reassuring setting; a responsive, colourful layout; and the right tone of voice: simple and direct, taking the drama out of the subject.

Energy filled to bursting point!

It didn’t take long for our creatives to magic their initial sketches into strong illustrations with great impact.

Zaffranax - Développement du concept
Zaffranax - Positive Mood Naturally

Everybody say cheese

Thanks to Zaffranax, no more worries: turn on those smiles and enjoy a little levity! Sounds like what we do at In Fine, right?!

Déclinaison icones
Zaffranax - Déclinaison de supports publicitaires

A smile that communicates

Our teams produced the concept in different versions: posters, leaflets, product displays, totems, roll-ups and leave-behinds. After all, a smile is meant to be shared, isn’t it?

No reason for our e-marketing department to have a long face: our specialists have developed plenty of bannering campaigns and short animated videos for social media.

Zaffranax - Présentoir en pharmacie
Zaffranax - Toolbox pour les pharmaciens
Zaffranax - Toolbox digitale

And in sales…

Some humour, but... The emphasis has been placed on the scientific aspects of Zaffranax. Studies, graphics and icons joining the dance with our dolls to present the added value of the product in a more technical way.

Zaffranax - Leaflet pour les utilisateurs
Zaffranax - Du côté du patient
Zaffranax - Des symptômes à la solution

It’s so good to work with a brand that
puts the smile back on people’s faces!

Zaffranax - Comment ça marche?
Zaffranax - E-marketing
So, let’s


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