Backend developer junior - WordPress
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Junior PHP developer - WordPress

Looking for a new place to carry out new missions? We are recruiting an autonomous junior backend developer - WordPress, to join our graphic & digital co-creative agency based in the heart of Liège since 2001.

You will join our 16 people team in a pleasant working environment.

Job description

Part of the digital team, you will be:

  • Creating WordPress corporate websites for our customers (backend and frontend support). The exciting part where you build platforms. “Proactivity and collaboration” is our way of working. You must understand our clients' needs and objectives and liaise closely with our project manager throughout projects.
  • A part of the technical maintenance process of the digital team.
  • Helping on website updates and content encoding for some websites that need declinations.
  • Attending team meetings and discussing solutions to usability issues.
  • Pitching fresh and innovative ideas to clients. Suggesting alternative solutions that will improve the user’s overall experience. Finding weaknesses within existing websites.

Technical skills

  • Strong Knowledge of PHP 7+, SQL, git.
    You are able to use node.js and webpack.
    You understand the versioning.
    Knowledge of HTML, (modern) JS, SASS and SVG integration are plus.
  • WordPress is your best friend. You can build and create a WordPress template, custom fields or plugins based on designs files (psd/ai/sketch) or InVision prototypes, with great attention to details (architecture backend, database, HTML templating and SCSS are plus). You have some experience with the most used plugins.
  • Feeling at ease with scripting language and server administration is a plus.
  • Analytical mind and user-centric approach.
  • Mobile first and web performance are a religion for you. You can bring your technical point of view to under-construction projects.
  • You need to have a working knowledge of English. Some briefings and meetings with clients are in English.

Soft skills

  • COMMUNICATION: Your work involves a lot of discussions with colleagues, clients, and users. You need a persuasive and confident approach to creative projects.
  • TEAM PLAYER: no one works alone. As expected, decisions are made as a result of frank discussions with the team, knowledge sharing, prioritization and continuous empathy. You don’t only feel responsible for your team members, but you are also capable of relying on them, and listening to their opinions.
  • FLEXIBILITY: Our team is flexible and multi-functional, so we need you to be able to multi-task and to be flexible. You like complex projects and challenges. You are not afraid in front of unclear situations and you can easily adapt to changes.
  • MISSION: A keen attention to detail, quality, and budgetary restraints.
  • PROACTIVITY: Willing to take care of customer point of view. You’re committed to making every user experience a beautiful journey from start to finish.
  • INTEREST: A high interest in new technologies web oriented and the digital challenges and innovations. The willingness to note relevant trends, develop ideas and challenge them in a fun and exciting way.
  • AGENCY LIFE: We are proud of the warm, relaxed and friendly environment at In Fine Co-Creative Agency. Every team member has been chosen for their skills as well as for their ability to fit in with the team.

Professionnal experience

For this position, a former similar experience is recommended. But what will make the difference is your talent, your social skills and your ability to generate creative and effective solutions within a defined project scope and to share them with your team.


Full Time CDI, in a pleasant and young working environment based in Liège.

Our team works on a portfolio of national and international customers. Discover some of our projects here Come have a coffee with us along the Meuse. We'll discuss and learn from each other. You will make our team grow and we will share co-creative moments as well as coffee time with you, they make you grow.


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